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Featured Player of the Week

03/16/2017 3:22 PM -

Featured Player of the Week

Catch Up with 2022 Orange Defender,

Kim Nagengast


Player Name: Kimberly Nagengast

91 Team & Grad Year: 2022 Orange

High School/ Town Team: Seaford


1.  Who is your all-time favorite athlete? 
Eli Manning
2.  What is your earliest memory of playing lacrosse?
Scoring my first goal in PAL Lacrosse.
3.  What is your most treasured possession?
My iPhone because I can communicate with my friends all the time.
4. What is your favorite part of playing lacrosse? Why?
I like playing defense and getting the ball away from the other team.
5.  What is your favorite food?
Ice Cream
6.  What is your favorite song?
Into you - Arianna Grande
7.  What is your favorite emoji? Why?
I like the smiley faces so I can show my mood.
8.  Who is your hero? Why?
My dad because he teaches me a lot of things.
9.  Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why or why not?
No way..
10.  What was the last gift that you received? Last gift that you gave?
The last gift I recieved was a PINK shirt. The last gift I gave was a Pusheen Pin.
11.  What is your favorite lacrosse tournament to go to? Why?
Hershey, because I love all the chocolate and going on the rides with my teammates. It's always a lot of fun!
12.  What is the funniest thing that happened to you while playing lacrosse?
I tripped over myself and fell on the field.
13.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Make-up Artist
14.  If you could invite 2 famous people to dinner with your family who would it be?
Arianna Grande and Damon Salvatore
15.  Who is the smartest person you know? Why?
Mr. Litchwar, one of my teachers because he knows stuff about everything.
16.  What is your favorite TV show?
Vampire Diaries
17.  Favorite sport to watch on TV?
Giants Football
18.  What is your favorite school subject?
Social Studies
19.  What is your favorite movie?
Hunger Games
20.  What is your favorite Holiday? Why?
Christmas, because I love getting presents!!

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