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Team 91 Takes it to Thailand

08/31/2016 8:37 AM -

Team 91 Takes it to Thailand


At the end of the summer tournament season, Coach Rupolo of 2022 Rapid Fire was contacted by Annika Johnsen (brother Curren plays for ’91 – 2022).  Annika plays lacrosse for Messiah College.  As part of her studies, she took on the incredible opportunity to head to Thailand for a 10 day mission, which focused on introducing new sports to two villages.  The sport of choice was lacrosse.  Annika had reached out to Rupolo, looking for any type of donation (equipment, balls, pinnies, etc).  That week, our returning Rapid Fire squad were all gathered for a birthday party.  Instead of focusing on bringing gifts to the party, all of the girls brought their extra lacrosse sticks to be donated.  A total of 12 sticks were collected and sent with Annika, in addition to several pinnies, and a bag of lacrosse balls.
This was an incredible opportunity for our girls to give back to the game, grow the sport, and watch one of our Bellport players demonstrate the best qualities of being a woman in a leadership position.  I couldn’t be prouder of this group and the new players we have added.  Expect us to do more stuff like this over the course of the year.
Attached are a bunch of pictures and the thank you letter from Annika describing what she did while in Thailand.  Of note, there is reference to a young woman named Julia Nofi.  Julia Nofi was a Bellport player we lost to cancer 6 years ago.  Everything we do in Bellport is in her memory, I had her #29 retired from K-12 in our district in  both the men’s and women’s lacrosse programs, and it really put this whole your sports journey in perspective.
We would also like to recognize out Team 91 2022 Rapid Fire girls below. Thank you for your help annd donations to grow the game. 

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