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Alyssa Guido to Maritime

01/07/2019 11:05 AM -

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Alyssa Guido always knew that she wanted to coach at the collegiate level, but the Team 91 Girls director never expected a head coaching spot to be available so quickly. 

The former Stony Brook standout, where she played for Team 91 Boys 2020 Crush and 2023 Bandits coach Joe Spallina, figured that she'd have to work her way up the ladder as an assistant at first. An opportunity to take over at Division III Maritime College, though, was too good to pass up, and she accepted the job as the Privateers' newest coach. Click here to read Maritime's official press release. 

"I've been playing and coaching for so long, and I just thought that I had to go to the next level with it," Guido said. "I didn't expect a head coaching spot right away, but I'm excited for it. It's still close to home, so I don't have to pack up to go anywhere, and there's so much room for growth there. I thought it was perfect." 

Guido inherits a roster that features 13 returnees. She'll continue in her role with Team 91, too, which gives her a two-pronged advantage, something that she admitted sweetened the deal. 

"It's a huge advantage to be able to stick around and do both," Guido said. "It helps on the coaching side because I can watch games and recruit at the same time, and with the 91 girls, it gives me a different level and style of coaching that I can put to good use."

Guido, who also played professionally for the Philadelphia Force, brings her own unique style to the field, but she also draws inspiration from both Joe and Dan Spallina. The latter coached her at Rocky Point, and the combination of the two makes for an interesting viewpoint. 

"Without Joe, I wouldn't have become as hard a worker," Guido said. "He knew how to push you and get you where you wanted to be. He saw the type of player I could be and pushed me to get there. Add that to being coached by Dan, and I got to see coaching perspectives from different people. For me, the hardest-working players get on the field. Those are types of people that I want, those who work for it, even if it requires an extra push." 

It's a new era at Maritime. 

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