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'25 Orange Fury Dominating

06/28/2019 2:35 PM -

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It's usually not very hard to find the Team 91 2025 Orange Fury team at tournaments. 

They're the group of girls who are always blasting music by their tent, making sure that the entire team is having fun and enjoying an upbeat atmosphere. 

You can also usually find them pretty easily at the end of the tournament, because they've often been the group getting together in front of parents for another celebratory photo after winning tournaments. In the last year, the team has won five of seven tournaments, with a one-goal loss in one title game and a two-goal loss to a team it had lost to by double digits merely weeks before. 

"We started out with 13 girls and we've added a nice mix," coach James DeTommasso said. "We're 24 players strong right now, and it's a very, very athletic team, and their lacrosse skills and knowledge are catching up to their athleticism. They're grasping a lot of it. We're particularly strong in goal and in the midfield, but we're very solid in every third of the field." 

Orange Fury assistant coach Rich Garguilo has been coaching at the high school level for 20 years, so he's seen a thing or two about what makes teams successful. He sees the type of chemistry that every great team needs in spades with this group, and there's no telling how good it can eventually be. 

"It's a great group to be around," Garguilo said. "They're relentless, they're always paying attention, and it's a great group to coach. The personality of the team keeps them pushing each other, and there's no cattiness or anything like that. We started with the 13 girls, and then we added a nice mix from all over. We've got a big Massapequa group, a big Commack group, and everyone mixes in well together. Word kind of got out about this team, and even though we have 24 girls, we get them a lot of playing time." 

The team was recently ranked 26th in the U.S. Club Lacrosse rankings, then beat four teams ranked in front of them before losing to the top-ranked team in the country in the title game by two goals. It got as high as fourth nationally and currently sits at No. 5, and it has no intentions of dropping. Instead, the girls will continue to look to ascend to the top spot, and if history is any indicator, it won't be long before it can contend for that mantle. 

"We haven't lost too many games in the past couple of years, and we've stepped up the competition and we're playing in stacked groups," Garguilo said. "We're looking forward to seeing how the girls improve in the next few years." 

There's little doubt that they're on the fast track to the top. 

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