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Team 91 will be hosting our annual Mini Camp this year at Sachem Sports Complex. You will be able to get coached by every Team 91 coach and every Team 91 director. We will have guest coach apperances as well.
Date: May 30th & June 1st
Location: Sachem Sports Complex
Time: 5:00-6:30 (2027/26 Orange, 2025 Orange, 2024 Orange, 2024/23 White)
          6:30-8:00 (2023 KeiraStrong, 2022 Orange, 2021 Orange, 2022/21 Rapid Fire, 2020/19 Orange, 2019 Orange, 2018 Orange)  
TEAM 91 Mini Camp is a long-standing tradition with Team 91 Lacrosse.  Mini-Camp provides our entire club an opportunity to play together, get coached by a top-of-the-line coaching staff and implement Team 91 concepts and ideas before the start of our summer season! It will be position and aged based training to ensure top notch development.
All Team 91 members will have the chance to get coached by EVERY Team 91 director and team coach, while playing alongside all the other players in their age group. This is a unique opportunity for players to learn from other coaches in the Team 91 program, as well as an amazing group of outside coaches who will be there! Please remember that Mini Camp is included in your yearly tuition.  There is no extra charge for this event so we strongly encourage that everyone attends!