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Uniform Fitting

Annual Uniform Fitting

Team 91 Invites all of our players and familes to our Annual Uniform Fitting.  This year's event will be held at our HQ, which of course is where all of our Academy Training will take place.  Here,  players will be sized for their gear packages (uniform, shooting shirts, long sleeve...ect). In order to be fitted for gear all players MUST be registered for the upcoming season.

If you have missed the uniform fitting we will use the sizes you applied during registration. For questions on what sizes you registered with please email Guido ( to confirm. 


Wednesday, September 12 



At the Team 91 Uniform Fitting You will be sized for the following

  • Custom, sublimated-reversible uniform
  • Two (2) Team 91 performance tees
  • Long Sleeve
  • Quarter Zip

Players and their families will have the opportunity to purchase any Team 91 branded apparel on site and pre-order new apparel and gear from our Warrior | New Balance online platform.

*If you are not able to make the Uniform Fitting- Team 91 will go off the sizes that you registered with. Please note that all orders are final. It is highly reccomended attending the Uniform Fitting.