2019 Tryout Results

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Vanya Ruano to Fairleigh Dickinson

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Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Vanya Ruano has always wanted to help other people. Specifically, the Team 91 2019 midfielder from Seaford has always loved helping little kids, and she got the opportunity to do just that when she joined a club in middle school called Best Buddies. “My neighbor had autism and I never noticed it when she was little,” Ruano said.…

Catching Up With…Christina Ferrara

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Team 91 alum Christina Ferrara leads Adelphi into the Division II Final Four. Photo courtesy of Adelphi Athletics.  Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  There has never been a more successful program at the NCAA Division II level than Adelphi. The Panthers have won eight national championships since 2001, double that of its nearest competitor in LIU-Post, and…

Catching Up With…Kayla Kosubinsky

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Team 91 alum Kayla Kosubinsky, right, leads Tampa into the NCAA Division II tournament.  Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Kayla Kosubinsky was in high demand during her recruitment when she played for Team 91.  The Smithtown West alum went through the process with a handful of options, including some looks from Division I schools, but the more she looked at…

Catching Up With…Allison Conn

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Team 91 alum Allison Conn and Queens University of Charlotte dominated their conference again and are looking for an NCAA tournament berth. Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  The last time that Queens University of Charlotte made the NCAA tournament, Allison Conn was relegated to the bench, and fortunately for her, she was wearing sunglasses. Then a freshman, Conn was able…

Week 12 College Recap

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Team 91 alum Kayla Kosubinsky (black headband) helped Tampa win its conference for the first time in school history. This is a weekly recap of how Team 91 alums are faring in the collegiate ranks. Did we miss someone? Click here to send updates to make sure you get featured. Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  It was as good a time…

Catching Up With…Hailey Wagner

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Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  It’s ironic to look back on it now, but Hailey Wagner‘s introduction to the draw control was fairly innocuous. “In youth and middle school lacrosse, it’s just usually anyone who’s a middie that takes the draw,” Wagner said. “When I got to JV, my basketball coach was also our lacrosse coach, and he didn’t…

91 in Lacrosse Matters

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Alyssa Guido to Maritime

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Follow Team 91 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Alyssa Guido always knew that she wanted to coach at the collegiate level, but the Team 91 Girls director never expected a head coaching spot to be available so quickly. The former Stony Brook standout, where she played for Team 91 Boys 2020 Crush and 2023 Bandits coach Joe Spallina, figured that she’d have to work her way up the ladder as…

Week 5 College Recap

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Check out how our Team 91 Girls Alumni did in their games this week.    Team 91 alum Mackenzie Heldberg had an 11-point week to lead Johns Hopkins to a pair of wins. Photo courtesy of Johns Hopkins.  This is a weekly recap of how Team 91 alums are faring in the collegiate ranks. Did we…